Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cool idea for an alarm clock

Oh boy I love sensors..
I find out the 'light sensor' and I build this really cool alarm clock from it.
'light alarm clock'

I think this is the easiest way to wake up in the morning - by just turn the light on room!

This is the app description :

'Light Alarm Clock' won't let you go back to sleep until you turn the light on.
You don't need to be close to the phone, just turn the light in the room and the alarm clock will stop !

Try "Wake Up Light Alarm Clock" to get rid of all ads.

* The app has three predefined alarms,
you can set existing alarms by pressing on them, or add a new alarms using the setting menu.

You can set the minimum light's strength which will stop the alarm.
(Setting->Set light's strength)

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Wake Up Light Alarm Clock - The best alarm Clock in the market !

ENJOY !!!!

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