Sunday, May 5, 2013

New technology, 'Car Parking Recogniziation'

It is not a secrete that I love to play with the phone sensors.
In almost all of my Apps I used them.

'Drop It! (Ouch!.. Doh!)' - The app recognize falling of the phone, and play an 'Ouch' sound
(Homer Simpsons' "Doh" ..)

'Light Alarm Clock' - The app recognize light in order to turn off the alarm.

'Sport Sensor Alarm Clock' - The app recognize user sport activity such as Jumping, Shaking, Punching ..

Parking !

A few years ago I moved into a big called 'Tel-Aviv' and like many other people who live in big city I'm also suffering every time I need to find free parking spot in the street.


I developed technology which recognize user getting in or out from a free parking spot.
This technology doing it automatically without user intervention.

From here to solve the parking issue it is easy.
People caring my technology in their phone and automatically produce real-time information of free parking spots.
This can be motivated in social game or money such like in 'google spot' or 'Parko' and produce even more quality information.
I also have some solution in beta stage that can used this technology to foresee a future free parking spots or offline solutions.


For all of that I need big data base, a lot of users and probably money!

So in the meantime I start developed solution to more basic problem, also for people who live in a big city without free parking spots in street, which can be solved without big social community.


Yes, once in while that happen, there is solutions for that in the market like 'car finder', 'where is my car', 'car locator' but they are all manual, i.e, the user need to open the app and press a button every time he getting out of his car.
After a while that could be annoying ..

Now that I have this technology I can't solved this problem without user intervention.

I found this other app called 'jenny park' that also marked where you parked your car automatically but it drain the shit out of your battery .. so I guess their solution based on GPS.

Now I need to find a name and a logo.

Parking Oracle ? AutoPark ? will see...

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